Hi! I’m Loretta McGrath, Thanks for stopping by!

I am a fitness professional since 1989. I have studied range of motion and body movement for over 15 years. Helping people achieve better health is my passion and I am 100% committed to seeing people reach their goals safely, efficiently and enjoyably. I developed two patented programs; Body Alignment For Life and the Dynamic Body Stretching System when I realized that many of my personal training clients had limited range of motion, joint stiffness and weak areas that could be significantly helped by regular specialized stretch/resistance sessions. I also created the programs so other personal trainers could understand where their clients were physically imbalanced before taking them out on the floor to ensure a gym injury would not occur.

Having major spine and shoulder issues for many years I had to find a way that I could maintain a pain free body that I only dreamed of but could never seem to achieve. Knowing the cause of all the pain is key, and can save many miserable days on Ibuprofen, pain killers or in hospitals, not to mention a lot of money out of your pocket. These cloud-base programs allow you, your trainer, and or your doctor to see a rendering of what is going on inside. You will be able to see how the body is compensating from old injuries or how new ones are manifesting. After entering in all the information needed the program generates a corrective program tailored to you and your physical needs to insure an injury free body.

I created two programs, the BAL program: a self hands on program where you can assess yourself, it then generates an individual corrective program that consists of an instructional video series tailored to you.

Or the DBS program: you can hire a DBS Specialist (assisted stretch coach) to assess and apply your individualized corrective program to you while you lay back and enjoy. The choice is up to you!

I am determined to be proactive in assisting people on overcoming their physical imbalances. I conferred with orthopedic surgeons, chiropractors, physical therapists, body workers, massage therapists, and sports trainers to create a comprehensive, proprietary computer program for my BAL and DBS programs.

Since the program development, I have been fortunate to see my systems dramatically change the lives of countless people, elderly to athletes. Today, there are numerous certified DBS Specialists using my techniques to make fitness fun, easy and accessible to all. I’m so proud to be a part of the wellness community and I look forward to being a part of your journey to a healthier and more active, youthful life!