Getting a solid physical baseline of your patient is the first step to helping them achieve their best physical health!

Body Alignment For Life (BAFL) is a cloud-based self-applied and or guided full body range of motion (ROM) assessment!
Having visual images of the patient’s muscle imbalances and 3D graphs to show their progress over time allows the patient to speak your language and have trust in the process

What the BAFL software offers:
  • BAFL software collects all data and generates reports that tell the user where they are tight, weak, imbalanced and where the body may be compensating either from old injuries or repetitive motion patterns.
  • BAFL can also tell the user what future injuries may occur in an everyday movement, on the job or even in a particular sport.
  • It then generates an individualized corrective program in a series of instructional videos for the user to apply to themselves, or a trained stretch coach can implement the corrective program to the individual with the guidance of the chiropractor remotely by using the online BAFL assisted (ROM) software program.


BAFL can be used in many different ways:

• Aids in the education of the practitioner, doctor and or PT on the current physical health of their client or patient
• Knowing what movements are a high-risk for the individual is vital to prevent future injury
• Predicting and preventing repetitive motion injuries
• Aids in recovery and injury prevention
• Aids in workman’s comp and or injury claims
• Assess an individual’s physical capabilities or capabilities within a movement
• Corrects muscle imbalances to prevent joint pain and injury
• Much more…


How BAFL can be sold in a chiropractic setting:

  • BAFL is offered under different licensing and royalty models. This includes a White Label program that presents the platform under “your brand.”  Licensing can be structured as an annual flat fee or monthly subscription with patient volume tiers.
  • BAFL becomes a revenue enhancement program used in diagnostics, treatment continuity, and physical therapy. Patients are thus charged as part of the treatment plan or charged extra for the continued assessment and diagnostics. The platform provides strong documented treatment and assessment history in support of claims and continued treatment.
  • BAFL provides additional benefits and commercialization opportunities, including the use of home use or practitioner lead video sequences prescribed by BAFL as part of the customized treatment plan. Chiropractic practitioners can charge extra for the use of the videos and other self/home use tools. Along with the maintenance monthly cost for patients that continue use of the software past the treatment phase.
  • In addition to this standard use model, we offer BAFL led in training and diagnostic sessions held at your office and customized to your practice needs.  Our case studies show practitioners requesting these personalized sessions on a quarterly to bi-annual basis in support of a growing patient base and staff refresher training.

-The BAFL software is a great add-on to any existing programs-

Contact us for more information on how you can add BAFL to your practice today, and gain more consistent and loyal clients tomorrow!
Author: Loretta McGrath